Purchased Three Automatic Welding Manipulators

Recently, the company has increased investment to upgrade equipment and purchased three automatic welding manipulators, so as to improve work efficiency. The manipulators only require two employees in each shift, but can bear work equivalent of that of 12 staffs. Besides, the soldered products are featured by stability, full welding seam, high strength and quality.


Overall Enhancement of Supply Chain Management Capability

Supply chain is actually a business process model, consists of value chain of raw material and parts suppliers, product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end-users as well as an entire process from customer demands to providing customers with products and services.


Fan Selection Instructions

Ventilation Design: ventilation standards of different places and number of fans, such as air exchange rate of 12 (times/h) for assembly plants and 40 (times/h) for steam bath. Please indicate the name, model, wind volume, air pressure, power, and other parameters in your order or consultation


Recent Learning Activity of Party Members

To establish comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept based on people orientation is the concentrated expression of our party’s basic theory and principles of development as well as major strategic thought put forward according to China’s overall development in new century and new stage.


Inspection Team of Experts from the State Technical Supervision Administration Visit Our Company

At first, president Niu introduced our basic conditions such as the registered capital, business scope, staffing and equipment resources. Later, the inspection team, accompanied by our leaders visited the production workshops and related office facilities, and asked about the use of equipment, business operations and other information.


The use and precautions of lubricating oil for Roots blower

As the weather turns cold, there are many problems with the lubricating oil used in the operation of the Roots blower. The following is a brief introduction to the use and precautions of Roots fan lubricating oil.


Reasons and solutions for Roots blower fuel consumption too fast

Reasons for fuel consumption too fast: 1. Overload operation. 2. The air filter is clogged. 3. Oil leakage. 4. Excessive temperature causes the oil to evaporate and splash. Solutions: 1. Check the plumbing system. 2. Clean the air filter. 3. Repair the equipment. 4. Check the cause and repair the equipment Roots blower


Encyclopedia knowledge of Roots vacuum pump

Roots vacuum pump refers to a variable volume vacuum pump in which there are two blade-shaped rotors rotating synchronously in opposite directions in the pump, and there are small gaps between the rotors, between the rotors and the inner wall of the pump casing, which do not contact each other.


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