How to repair Roots blower gear wear

Generally, the Roots blower is not allowed to be reversed (because the gap between the air inlet and the exhaust port is different), so the Roots blower needs to be equipped with a one-way valve at the exhaust end. That is to allow the wind to be input from the Roots blower to the pipeline system to prevent the Roots blower from suddenly shutting down, so that the gas in the Roots blower system is affected by the system pressure, and the backflow impacting the Roots blower causes the Roots blower to reverse and damage the Roots blower.


Roots blower maintenance tips

The Roots blower has the bidirectional function of suction and blowing, which can be used for both suction and blowing. Its superior product performance is liked by the majority of customers. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the maintenance tips of high pressure Roots blower with you.


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